Friday, 7 November 2014

OUGD403 - Studio Brief Two Final Crit

Today we had our final crit for Studio Brief two 'Vector Type'. Unfortunately I wasn't able to present my work completely as the brief asked, as my digital print induction was not on during the week. However, I printed all of the work off that I had completed that were deliverables on the brief. The crit went well and people in my crit group were impressed with my final design, I spoke about the concept behind my final typeface design, and how it represents fading into the background and representations of shadows, all things that link to passivity in my eyes. Simon liked my design and
was impressed with the concept.Overall I am content with how the project went and I am really proud of my final design.

My final typeface in upper-case presented on a 4 x 7 grid: 

My final typeface in lower-case: 
Numbers and Symbols: 
Final grid for the typeface: Something I struggled with and in the end kept simple. Futura at the end of the day is an extremely geometric and simplistic font to look at. It is in fact a highly complex typeface when looked at in more detail. I needed to devise a grid that I could use effectively. What I have done in my typeface design is simplify Futura even more by de-constructing the outlines of the letter forms and reducing their stroke weights. Therefore the final grid for the letter forms had to be simple. The grid accommodates the upper-case letters, and I am pleased with it. 

My typeface in context. I believe it works well when accompanied with imagery and represents being passive in an effective way in the context in which I have placed it. The whole idea behind my final design was to make a typeface that is very subtle, very easy to ignore yet still recognisable and readable. Here I quoted myself: 'I don't want to be passive, but sometimes I can't help but be'. I placed the text over an image of myself as I felt that I needed to convey a personal message here. I feel I can relate to being passive in certain aspects of my life and enjoyed giving the typeface a personal twist
 I also looked at a quote to do with passivity from the English novelist Christopher Isherwood:
'I am a camera
with its
shutter open,
quite passive,
not thinking'
I really enjoy this quote and find it relevant to my self. I find it easy to relate to and I believe it would look fantastic presented in my typeface. 

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