Wednesday, 27 January 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 02 - Saucy Fish Co - Lean Personas

After conducting extensive primary research as a group in our first session, we came back to LCA and looked through a number of books on packaging. We came across some very interesting, complex structural packaging solutions. It was useful looking at them, however they were too ornate and wouldn't work well for this brief. One of the most essential things to this brief is functionality of the packaging. The packaging must:

-Protect the fish inside
-Display the product at all times
-Stack well on a shelf
-Use shelf space efficiently
-Stand out on the shelf
-Attract a range of younger customers

We conducted this secondary research to see exactly how packaging has changed through the years and if we could take some inspiration from the past and apply it to our own packaging designs. We were seeking imaginative and unique packaging solutions initially. We found the New Packaging Design book the most useful, as it contained a lot of clean cut and smart looking packaging which we believe Saucy Fish Co are looking for. This is the kind of aesthetic that we wanted to explore, using minimal colours, sophisticated type and unique, playful illustrations. This in my eyes, would appeal to the younger target audience a lot more. It will be important for us to remember that it isn't so much the branding and identity design that we are being asked to evaluate, it is really packaging itself that will be central to making the new products a success. 

The majority of the nets and templates we came across did not answer the needs of the brief, so we decided to put that on the back-burner for the time being. We used the rest of our time together to make some considerations for the target audience, who are at the centre of this brief. We introduced Amy, who studies Illustration, to the lean persona's exercise, which I have found very useful in the past.

Doing this exercise allows you to really get into the head of the consumer and identify exactly what their needs are.

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