Monday, 28 September 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 01 - Design Process - Internet Research - Folds

have a look at all  Standard Folds:

This brief is specifically asking me to look at various methods of folding paper in order to produce an exciting and engaging leaflet. I looked on the internet for sources of information and conducted some secondary research. The image below illustrates well the number of simple folds that can be made to create a very basic leaflet. Some slightly more complex than others. I find this image useful because I know that I want my leaflet to be simple yet effective, I don't want to use an overly complex fold because I think that it could distract from the content.

Some simple yet interesting types of leaflet:

15 Brochure Fold Types 8

15 Brochure Fold Types 9

15 Brochure Fold Types 11

15 Brochure Fold Types 12

This leaflet for Esquire employs a simple fold, and develops out into a poster which is quite entertaining. This is something that I contemplated doing in this brief for my leaflet design, although I do feel that perhaps it has been over done, but for research purposes this example of a doubled up leaflet is nice. 

manual for a stylish life. -Has an old vintage wartime look to it -Red draws attention and works well with black -busy without being hectic. Great use of bold type.:

Another really nice example of how a leaflet can actually be a poster thanks to simplistic folding techniques.

Bassodrome 2.0 - SUPERSUPER. - Design graphique, Grenoble, France:

This Mondrian inspired folded leaflet inspires me massively. I want my final leaflet design to incorporate similar characteristics. I like the idea of revealing information from unfolding the paper, and I need to research these types of folds a lot more to find something that suits my design process and represents my creative vision well. 

le depliant est tres intéressant, il est original, et nous reconnaissons bien cette palette de couleur qui a souvent été réutilisé.:
This leaflet uses a basic concertina folding technique but is content aware are therefore highly appropriate in this context. The gradual gradient works across the folds and opens up to reveal a panoramic bar of colour, the fold makes this leaflet very effective. 
.:* L - Love these Pantone Wall Calendars!! [found by Design Vagabond: "This calendar by Jonathan Davies captures the essence of each month through a gradient of color. A beautiful item to display even after the year is over."]:

This leaflet for UAL is very simple in its folding technique, but  uses interesting cutting methods to make the leaflet a bit more intriguing to read and interact with. I like its design and find it quite inspiring.

University of the Arts London - my design summer School. Creative graphic design!:

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