Monday, 6 October 2014

Feedback from 'What's Your Type' presentation

Monday 6th October 2014

Today I presented my research to a small group of my class mates. Stupidly I forgot my log in details so I was unable to show the group the presentation I had spent hours slaving away on. I ended up doing quite an informal spoken presentation which went well. I received general positive feedback from Simon and my peers.

A few people said that they would have appreciated it if I had used some sort of visual communication but I didn't in the end which was my fault. Emily asked me why I had chosen the Sans Serif typeface 'Futura', as she thought that the answers I gave to the questions lent more towards a more traditional Serif font such as Bodoni or Times Roman. I chose Futura because I love geometry and abstract art and design. Some aspects of my personality would suggest that I am Serif font, however I replied to Emily, commenting on the fact that Marrakech is one of my favourte places I have visited. In Marrakech there is beautiful Islamic art and design hidden in every corner. Islamic art is highly geometric and graphic, I feel that justified my answer well.

In future presentations I will make sure to present using visual slides and try to inject some humour and have a little more confidence when speaking as I was quite nervous this time.

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