Thursday, 23 October 2014

OUGD403 - Vector Type Development

Over the last two weeks I have attended several Adobe Illustrator induction workshops where I have been taught a few basic techniques and tricks. I taught myself the basics in Adobe Photoshop a few years a go but I have never actually worked properly with Illustrator so it is all entirely new. One of the deliverables for Studio Brief Two is to produce an A2 poster (4x7 grid) printed in the digital print resource of the complete set of 26 letters. The letter forms must be designed using Adobe Illustrator and they have to be vectors. Below is an example of what my typeface design is shaping up to look like. I created the alphabet using Adobe Illustrator, and found it initially quite challenging however the induction workshops have helped massively. 

I must also produce a bespoke grid as a basis for the final typeface design. I have been struggling so far to create a grid for this design that is based on shadow and lack of light. Futura is a bold and instantly recognisable font, and it is fairly straight forward to mock up a grid on the original Futura design. However because I have de-constructed Futura so much and taken away a lot of its form, I have made it difficult to create a grid that will accommodate each letter of the alphabet. However, nothing is impossible and as my design develops I will find a solution to the current grid issues.

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