Monday, 6 October 2014

Speaking From Experience Afternoon

Monday 6th October 2014

This afternoon a number of second year Graphics students came into our studio to talk to us about a project that they have just completed called; 'Speaking from Experience'. They were asked to create a piece of graphic design which aims to help first year students settle into life at LCA and Leeds in general. There were some really fantastic pieces of work on display. I found that I could relate to the majority of them, finding them useful, witty and really original.

One girl had created a fold out leaflet entitled: 'Crit Happens'. She described the different types of crit that happen and what to expect from them, giving plenty of tips on how to make the most of them. She used a lovely colour scheme of various shades of green. Another student had produced a set of four mirrors with various messages screen printed on them. I spoke to him and told him how effective I thought they were and he really appreciated my feedback. He said that he would like to create a larger series of mirrors and ideally have them put in students' bedrooms to motivate them to do well on the course. I thought this was brilliant.

Finally, one girl had screen printed a very clever message onto brown paper sandwich bags. She said that when she was in her first year, she spent way too much money on lunches when she could have been scrimping and bringing in packed lunches. She had the idea to print inspiring graphic design related messaged onto these bags to make students think. She named it; 'The perfect Graphic Design Sandwich'. She had created diagrams of the various ingredients needed to succeed on the course, it was a fantastic piece of design, something I related to instantly.

A few examples of the second years work:

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