Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OUGD404- Design Principles- Type Characteristics

After a briefing from Amber today, I had to choose three fonts that have noticeable differences in characteristics. Recently I have been watching American Horror Story a lot on Netflix, I love the horror and supernatural, but what I love more is the type face they have used to brand the show. Throughout the titles 'Willow' is used. It plays homage to Charles Rennie Mackintosh with distinctive Art Nouveau features. It's a striking Sans Serif, it really catches your eye. Willow has no lower case characters, and this is why it works so well as titles or headers. The descenders are unique and the letter 'o' is very easily distinguished. I also chose 'Typeposter Outline' as I really like the heavy drop shadows used and its bold slab serif qualities, it contrasts well in terms of appearance with Willow. The third font I chose is 'Walter'. This font mimics the infamous Walt Disney logo, and is said to be based on Disneys' very own hand writing. 'Walter' contrasts well with the other two very rigid type faces.

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