Saturday, 11 October 2014

OUGD403 - Alphabet Soup Interim Crit/Feedback

Today I took part in a group crit which was really successful and beneficial. We were split into groups where we discussed the research and development of our ideas surrounding the word we chose. I passed my initial designs around the table for everyone to evaluate and comment on.

A few points of feedback that I found really useful:
- The group really liked my idea of slicing the typeface in half to represent being in two minds, or being half hearted or on the fence etc. They said it has potential to be really successful and can be taken a lot further

-They liked the way I had sliced the typeface and nudged the top half over to the right slightly, representing shifts in ideas and being passive in nature. They suggested looking at other ways of subtly suggesting changes in ideas

-They suggested I looked into making the top half of the letters upper case and keep the bottom halves lower case again to represent indecisiveness

-They liked my designs were I had created gradients or used lines to create gradients, they suggested I combine the gradients with the sliced design and see where that takes me

- They said they would like to see what my designs look like without such rigid outlines - if I remove or mute the outlines of the letter forms this would add to the feeling of passiveness and would be subtle tweak

-They liked my experiments where I scribbled inside the letter forms and also smudged them, I did this to convey laziness and slackness, they said I could incorporate into my final designs

- They suggested I look into using pastel colours or other muted tones to convey calmness. Monochrome is bold and confident so that sort of defeats the purpose of being passive but at the same time black and white can represent opposing views and this links further to the idea of being in two minds

Things the group didn't think were very good:
-Some designs were a bit rushed and lazy
-Some of my ideas are a bit similar and look like existing designs
-Lack of colour, would like to see colour and pattern integrated to convey the word further

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