Monday, 1 December 2014

OUGD405 - Brief 1 - Design Process - Frame Shape

This module builds upon the principles and practices introduced throughout previous studio modules.. The introduction of practical and conceptual approaches to primary and secondary research, strategies for content development, evaluation methods and project management skills will underpin the practical investigation of concepts and ideas. Brief led projects will help students to develop an understanding of application, form, function, message and communication as key considerations in the development of design concepts and practical solutions.

This module is a continuation of the induction programme to appropriate workshops, technologies and software (print processes, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop). Design principles in typography, layout, formal language and visual communication will be introduced as integral considerations in brief led problem solving.

The Brief:
Re-imagine the backing paper for a photo frame. This must include the dimensions of the frame. You must produce a minimum of three designs, which work as a set across three different frame sizes. Choose from the frame dimensions below:
6x4 inches - 7x5 inches - 8x6 inches
A5 - A4 - A3

The concept of your design should be shape, you can interpret this as a literal shape e.g. circle, sphere, triangle, square, box etc or be more imaginative. Consider how you frame your shape, be creative with your manipulations and compositions. Consider how to engage the audience and the target market of your photoframe. For example a Wilkinsons photoframe would be packaged and designed with a different aesthetic to a Harvey Nicholls frame.
All typography and vector based images must be produced in Adobe Illustrator. Any images must be manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. The final composition must be produced in Adobe Photoshop. 

  • A quantity of visual investigation/research.
  • Developmental work in sketchbooks/worksheets.
  • Three frame backing papers designed and mocked up in a photo frame.
  • Minimum of 4 design boards, presenting and discussing the following: 
  • Research
  • Initial designs
  • Design choices (colour, format, type, layout)
  • Final designs

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