Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OUGD405 - Frame Shape Idea Development


Throughout my design development, I looked to continue creating shape from typography. I also continued with the theme of aiming the designs exclusively at guys. I did this through word choice, choice of typography and choice of colour. I am quite pleased with these designs. They are simple yet effective. I chose to repeat the words in order to create a pattern and shape. I think the repetition works well. I was inspired by designs I had seen on Urban Outfitters who used similar repetition. 

I took the repeated pattern idea further but instead of focusing on words this time I looked at the dimensions of the frame itself. Information about the product was the focus here. I looked to create shapes from numbers and glyphs. Again here I tried to keep my designs as simple as possible. These designs are independent from the rest of my ideas but I wanted to try something new out before pursuing my final design ideas. I looked to use quite bright colours, as well as stock. I feel these designs are fairly gender neutral and could equally appeal to both men and women. 

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