Friday, 5 December 2014

OUGD405 - Frame Shape - Realization of Ideas

I experimented with inverting the images which worked out really well. I also tweaked the levels of grain and contrast to make the images a lot more punchy. What I like about the images that I selected for my final designs is the fact that they are naturally quite abstract. They could be photos of any 'place', they are quite non-descript and could represent anywhere on the planet, but importantly they are of a place. They really suit my concept well. 

One I had selected the three images that I wanted to use for my photo frame backing paper designs, I got to work using Photoshop. I selected the images I did in order to create optical illusions. I wanted to manipulate the imagery to create 'faces', or compositions that resembled facial features.  My first experiments produced really nice results and I ran with these ideas. For the smallest frame, 6 x 4 I used an image of two palm trees I photographed in Marrakesh. I duplicated the image several times and inverted it to create a digital collage which resembled a face. I then went on-line and searched for images of female lips. The image I came across of a pair of pink lips, poised quite seductively worked well with the 'face' I had created. The palm trees for me looked a lot like large eye lashes and I felt the positioning of the lips really tied the whole composition together. 

By this point in the project I had decided that I wanted my designs to be aimed more at women than at men, I changed my mind in relation to target audience quite a lot throughout the design process. My final design development had women in mind, as I realised that photo frames at the end of the day are more likely to be purchased by women. This may be a generalisation but it meant that I could really push my concept as far as possible. I wanted my backing paper designs to be memorable and non-disposable. They had to make an impact, and in order to do this I did several things.

I kept the colour scheme minimal, I used simplistic layout and I used sleek and very sophisticated Sans Serif typefaces to convey the vital information.  

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