Sunday, 7 December 2014

OUGD405 - Design Process - Studio Brief 2 - Research

The Brief:

Produce a body of work that investigates the term/concept/value/number 100 by collecting, recording, documenting and categorising. You will prepare a two minute presentation on this body of work

Background considerations:
Identify a specific content in relation to your theme that will become your individual focus for this brief.
You must collect the following:
·        20 FACTS
·        20 OPINIONS
·        20 WORDS
·        20 STATISTICS
·        20 PHOTOGRAPHS

You can collect in excess of 20 pieces of information if appropriate.
How do you translate, manipulate and process your information within the context of “100”?

Content for work can often stem from your own interests, passions, obsessions and opinions. It is recognition of and an investigation into these personal concerns that help you to develop an individual voice within the creative industry.

Tone of voice
You are collecting and recording a range of observations, ideas, scenarios and interests.
Have a camera with you at all times and don’t pre-judge the type of images that might be useful.
Take a surplus of photographs and collection additional information then edit it down later. The more choices you have the easier it will be to make discoveries, analyse, evaluate and create connections.

Initial ideas:

I don't personally collect many things, and when I first read this brief I realised that I did have a 'collection' that would be really interesting to work with. I have a collect of 35mm slides which have now become quite a novelty item. They are 'vintage' and 'retro' and very fascinating. I have a collection of over 400 of these slides that I could use for the brief. Initially I thought of gathering 20 opinions, facts, words etc. just on the slides them self (as objects). I then thought it could be interesting to pick 20 slides that are the most intriguing, generate a story for each slide in relation to what the photograph depicts and then gather research on from there. 

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