Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD404 - Brief 02 - Final Layouts Ready for Print

After much experimentation, my final spread layouts are inspired directly by BUTT magazine. I really enjoy how the layouts in this magazine keep all of the pages the same background colour and use a consistent very slick and minimal layout for the rest of the content and imagery. They fill-pages with whole images at the beginning of the articles and then typeset the content in a uniform way, usually left aligned and justified to the last left aligned line. I mirrored this in my designs, but didn't directly copy it. 

I used similar ‘rules’ to type set the majority of the content of my publication and used similar decisions when it came to laying out my imagery. I am glad that I have chosen to print the portraits of the alter ego's onto the same stock as the type set information. I think if I had carried on with the concept of printing the portraits onto tracing paper, it would have dramatically altered the desired aesthetic and the overall feel of the book would have become lessened. 

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