Monday, 27 April 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 04 - Further Development Post Crit

Following the crit, I decided to re-evaluate my previous poster designs. In the crit people said that they would like to see the posters incorporating more vibrant colours, they needed to be very eye catching, instead of blocks of fresh colours. I feel these posters are successful as they promote the use of bold shapes and colours, something I enjoy doing in my work and something that is in my opinion fresh. 

When creating these posters, I needed to keep in mind the appropriate use of language and type. I needed to use lexis that fresher will be able to relate to, and the posters needed to be fairly minimalistic in order not to bombard them with lots of information. I kept my tips all typeset neatly in the bottom right corner, with right aligned text. I am pleased with the overall aesthetic of the five posters and I think they will compliment my zine well. 

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