Tuesday, 28 April 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 04 - Research

For this brief I focused the majority of my research on contemporary editorial design and small publication design. I looked further at independent zines for inspiration, as I wanted my booklet to have a unique personalised feel and be specific to Leeds College of Art.

There magazine covers inspired me greatly. I really like the typeface used and the way it has been typeset. I also find the colours used and the imagery very inspiring. The covers are full of contrast and look very fresh to me, something I want to achieve in my work for this brief.

///Weird-Oh Spit///

©Les Graphiquants covers #print #magazine #typography

Further layout inspiration. Here I was drawn to the monochrome imagery printed onto coloured stock

Photo books are also massive inspirations for me. I like the notion of communicating information and discourse through simple series of powerful and visually strong images:

花火。一本非常特别的关于焰火划破夜空瞬间的摄影集。作者: pierre le hors

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