Monday, 6 April 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 04 - Initial Ideas

My initial ideas for this brief were based around thinking outside of the digital box. I have really enjoyed by first year on this course, and I feel that I have learned a number of new skills both in digital realms and analogue. However, I wanted to promote analogue thinking for this brief, One thing that annoys me when I discuss graphic design with people outside of the college is that they straight away say 'oh, so you must just stare at a screen all day?' and yes to a certain extent this is true. But, graphic design is much, much more than this. I thought at first that this course was going to be very much software focused, but it wasn't! So my initial ideas for this brief were very much focused on promoting the analogue methods we are taught on this course. Hence, thinking outside of the box on the screen. 

The first few briefs on the course were very much focused on understanding the fundamentals of type, which in hindsight were great introductory briefs. Its just, at the time, I didn't really enjoy doing these briefs at all. However, looking back they were beneficial and I now like to think I have a decent basic understanding of typography and I now value type a lot more and could say that I have a passion for it. That's why I designed some posters that promote the importance of giving type a chance. I know that it took me a while to actually have an interest, understanding and acceptance for type and I am sure that a lot of next years freshers will be in a similar position. 

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