Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 04 - Idea Development

I came across these very experimental posters on ItsNiceThat. They caught my eye because they are communicating a very specific idea through expressive use of type, something that I am interested in and have looked at in depth within my COP module. I like the idea of using hand rendered type to destroy and de construct quite modular, modernist poster design. I have seen similar work around recently and it seems to be becoming a sort of trend. So I thought I would give this style a go and relate it back to this brief and speaking from experience. 



RESPONSE: At first, I looked for essays on graphic design that relate to the first few briefs on the course, looking for themes that underpin a lot of the contextual research and practice we have done throughout the first year. I was also looking for essays that were particularly dry. I copied and pasted some of the essays and bits and pieces from Wiki articles into a blank Photoshop document. I formatted the text to look like a dull essay and then used the pen tool to graffiti all over the text, mimicking the style of the posters I had come across throughout my research. These initial experiments were really fun to do and I think they are witty, conceptual and definitely have a lot of potential. I then looked on line for some graffiti style free typefaces and began to play around with these as well, to make the designs more slick, solid and digital in aesthetic. The main concept behind these experiments was to promote things to calm down the feelings that I feel the freshers will be experiencing. I know that when I was a fresher, I was very stressed and worried about things, so these posters will hopefully calm them down through informal advice. At this stage these are just initial ideas but I will use the interim crit to push them forward and develop them. 

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