Wednesday, 25 November 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Individual Practice - Penguin Random House - Inspiration

Alexander Chubar Illustration - I was doing some visual research into the representation of the female nude on-line when I came across the wonderfully simplistic and minimalistic drawings of fine artist Alexander Chubar. He says he wants his works to "convey order and unity, where different components are correlated and submitted to the wholeness of the composition. I hope my art provides not only an eye-pleasing environment but also gives intellectual pleasure". What drew me to his work was his very simplistic, graphic style. I also really enjoy the way he plays around with positive and negative space to create subtle optical illusions. His work inspired me to being designing for this brief. 

I found a lot of inspiration in the subtle use of positive and negative space in these illustrations. They are depicting intimate parts of the female body but in a very tasteful way, something I see my book cover incorporating. From what I have gathered, the tone of voice of Caitlin Moran's writing in 'How To Be A Woman' is playful, witty and slightly irreverent. I see these qualities as being important in informing the aesthetic of the cover design. I don't want my design to be boring, predictable or clich├ęd, so this route of semiotics seems appropriate to me at this point in the design process. 

I was also greatly inspired by the simplistic line drawings of artists such as Matisse and Picasso. These slightly abstracted representations of the female form caught my eye. I knew I would be able to translate their style into my own, and I thought it would work well for a book cover design. The brief specifically asks for the design to be 'classic' and to stand out on a busy, crowded book shelf in a shop. I think keeping the design clean and minimalist will achieve this. 

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