Tuesday, 24 November 2015

OUGD503 - Responsive - Individual Practice - Batsford Prize 2016

I came came across this brief in college on one of the packed notice boards. It caught my eye due to the nature of the poster, I saw it and thought that it looked similar to some of my recent work. I spoke to Simon about possibly doing this brief for part one of responsive, and he said it would definitely be valid and worth entering. He raised the important point that this sort of brief may be more interesting to approach with a collaborator, someone from either illustration or animation and I did agree. This project would not be overly ambitious to undertake on my own, however the results could be more aesthetically interesting if I were to collaborate with a fellow creative student. I will see how I feel, I have got a long time to complete work for this brief so I have time to decide whether or not I want to collaborate. 
The brief: The work must be the work of an undergraduate or postgraduate student, studying at any university or college in the United Kingdom. Students of any fine art or applied art subject, including:
• Applied art
• Textiles
• Design
• Craft
• Photography
Students of any fashion subject, including:
• Fashion photography
• Costume design
• Fashion jewellery
Students of any illustration subject, including:
• Drawing
• Fashion illustration
• Graphic design
• Visual communication
Initial entries should comprise of up to 5 digital images of the work (each image up to a maximum of 2 MB) and a supporting statement of up to 500 words (to be included on the entry form).

The theme for the Batsford Prize 2016 is Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim:
We are looking for entries that reflect the desire and need to reuse and recycle materials, any materials, to reclaim what is discarded and give it a new life. An element of the work could include the reuse of old ideas and techniques that have been discarded too.
What to include
Last day for entries is 4 April 2016.
The submitted work should be original to the student and any copyright cleared (if necessary).
Shortlisted entrants will be notified in April 2016, and the winners will be announced in May 2016. Shortlisted entrants and their tutors will be invited to attend an award event in London.

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