Thursday, 19 November 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 03 - Target Audience

The most obvious target audience for my book would be anyone that appreciates or takes an active interest typography, as that is what the book tackles most directly. Arguably, that is a very niche target audience, and for that reason, I decided to include a lot of photography of the cemetery environment and landscapes to counterbalance the abundance of type. The book, if printed commercially, would be positioned as an 'Art and Photography' book and would appear in independent creative book stores such as Village and Colours May Vary. These book stores attract quite a specific type of customer anyway, who would most likely have an interest in subjects such as typography and graphic design in a broad sense. I believe my book would sit well in the context of a store such as Village.

I wanted the publication to be educational and enlightening without having a condescending tone of voice, so I didn't include huge amounts of text. The body copy is condensed and concise, allowing the emphasis to be more of the visual content. I noticed that a large proportion of the publications in Village were filled predominantly with photography, illustration and other art works, with very little text content. These books are undoubtedly 'Art and Photography' books, and I want my publication to fit in with these, another reason for keeping my text content to a minimum.

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