Sunday, 29 November 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 04 - Campaign Concept

I came across an original promotional poster from the time of release of Nightclubbing which gave me the inspiration to create my own campaign posters, which can be used on a digital platform and could be translated into print to further cement the campaign. The original poster featured the album artwork accompanied by some very contemporary condensed typography. The colour swatch included very muted tones of yellow, purple and blue, so I have taken those colours and amped them up to make a striking statement. 

I decided to mock up a couple of QR codes that could appear in print or on a digital platform. The user would scan the QR code with a mobile devise such as a smartphone or tablet, and they would then gain access to either a free or discounted track from the album, or receive some other sort of merchandise associated with the record. 

 Here I was just experimenting with type and lyrics from the title track from the album. I am thinking of creating more hype by using specific lyrics on the webiste which will get the fans exciting.

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