Saturday, 28 November 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Monotype Brief - Research

This brief is asking me to communicate a specific concept and message through the use of pure typography, something that I have little experience in, but none the less a lot of interest in and excitement for. I decided to kick my research off by looking online for inspiration, inspiration from the past. The student uprising in Paris in the May of 1968 was fuelled by 'riot posters', the vast majorty of which hand rendered, which realised and utilised typography's wonderful power in evoking/conveying emotion. The posters were produce quickly, and distributed even faster across the city. The typography may appear to look rushed, armature or just plain ugly, but that is the beauty of D.I.Y. design and to me, gives the message of the campaign more strength and impact. 

Type and minimal imagery runs throughout these riot posters, they compliment each other perfectly. For this Monotype brief, I am meant to focus all of my attention on the typographic design, so I don't think I am really supposed to include any imagery or illustration per say, but I will need to investigate with further. Of course, imagery can be created from abstract and playful use of type and positive/negative space. 

Here is some more contemporary content which focuses its attention on pure typography. The aesthetic here could be described as grunge or just postmodern, which I am usually a fan of. I feel that this style of typographic play will not really suit the requirements of this brief. The way that I am interpreting this project is with a clearer vision. Usually I enjoy abstracting and combining type, but I think that I will need to work in a much cleaner and minimalist way in order to convey my intended message. Nonetheless, the examples below are very visually inspiring. 

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