Sunday, 22 November 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 04 - Initial Idea Generation

I thought it would be an idea to fill the landing screen with a fast moving GIF in order to instantly grab the attention of the user. I experimented with using an image of Grace Jones, taken from the original album cover and isolating it in the centre of the GIF. I used Bebas Neu, as this typeface imitated the typography seen on the album artwork. The phrases that appear are taken from lyrics from a Grace Jones song that was released in the mid 80's. I like how old fashioned it seems nowadays, and her original fans will definitely identify with this. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones' underpins the concept of my campaign. It is announcing her to new audiences whilst catering to her original fan base. 

Here I tried playing around with vectorised illustations, inspired by the iconic shape of Grace Jones' hair and face. I also experimented with different typefaces, playing off the nostalgia of the early 80's:

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