Wednesday, 25 November 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Penguin Random House - Research

I looked for book cover design that sits within the very broad field of feminism for visual queues and inspiration. The book 'How To Be A Woman' tackles these themes and issues but in a comical way, and the brief is asking me to pay particular attention to the fact that the tone of voice is not overtly serious. I came across a lot of book cover designs that I felt were pretty serious and soulless. Quite clinical and not very aesthetically inspiring. These examples made me more determined to produce a design which feels minimal, refined but also conceptual and entertaining. 

A number of the book covers use visual puns to convey their intended messages, but some of them are a bit too obvious in my opinion. I want to convey my concept in a subtle way that will entertain people the second they realise what it is. One of the things I do find inspiring from everything I have been looking at is the choice of typography. A lot of the books use very geometric sans serifs, very similar to Futura. I want to use similar typefaces in my design because they are timeless, classic and have high impact - this way, I will be answering the brief, which is asking for a specific emphasis on typography. 

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