Monday, 26 January 2015

OUGD404 - Design Principles - Brief 2 - Task 2

For study task two, we must research of folds, analysis of production, scale and appropriateness. Provide evidence of practical investigation into awareness and usage of a range of folded publications and related pagination issues.

In a studio session, we spent an afternoon looking at various different folding methods and techniques, trying them out for ourselves. This task was fun and enlightening. 

We have been asked to produce & print an A4 Black & White guide to producing the folded publication, which is used for the guide.I chose to research hot dog folded publications, which are very basic but effective ways of making small publications. They do not require many resources and can be made with one sheet of paper, a pair of scissors/scalpel and your hands. Children are often taught how to make hot dog folded publications. 

Booklet design:

Ideas for the front cover of the information guide - witty and playing with the words associated with the type of fold

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