Sunday, 18 January 2015

OUGD405 - Brief 4 - Final Production

I was really pleased with the quality of my final printed resolutions. I printed the final flyer designs on medium weight cartridge paper, which was off white. This paper had a lovely feel and texture to it, making the flyers feel less disposable and much more premium. I knew from general observation that the majority of promotional flyers are printed on cheap, light glossy paper which lowers the tone of voice for me. I wanted these flyers to communicate their message in a sophisticated way, and this stock choice allowed me to that. 

I printed my final posters on A3 tracing paper. I did this to contextually link to the theme of transparency and old photographic film. The prints came out really well and worked at this scale. I then experimented with placing and overlaying the series of three posters on the light box in the studio. The effect achieved was really interesting. In the context of promoting the exhibition, the posters could be layered up when displayed on back lit billboards, this would add further interest to the campaign. 

Designs in context: The posters would work well ideally on back lit advertising spaces, such as these found at bus stops. The posters would be scaled up and printed on transparency paper to achieve the best results. A range of other colours could be used as well, not just the three I chose to go ahead and print. 

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