Tuesday, 13 January 2015

OUGD405 - Brief 4 - Packaging Development

These initial experiments used scans of slides. I manipulated the scans in Photoshop and added lots of noise and grain. I was attempting to convey transparent qualities here by using dull grey tones:

The cut outs: I took scans of some of the most interesting slides I have in my collection and blacked out the parts of the images that were boring, creating cut outs of the unusual aspects of the images. By doing so creating abstract floating compositions of people and animals. I would go on to use these in my posters.

I was inspired greatly by the work of Graphic artist/designer/illustrator Amanda Berglund. She did a series of works titled 'The Collector' in 2013; "A poster series about collecting. The posters illustrate the awareness of one’s collecting hobby and how it can evolve through out life. With time the items in one’s collections become smaller and start to contain fewer, but more valuable, objects because of new knowledge and values you gain with age. The first poster contains several ordinary grey stones, the second poster a few pretty rocks and the third poster one single gemstone"



The way she has designed the posters to look as if the collection of rock is ordered and logical inspired me instantly. She plays around with 2D and 3D and I really like the 'cut out' feel to her work, something I wanted to attempt in my poster designs. I used the cut outs from my slides and aranged them in a similar way to Amanda Berglund. I am pleased with the compositions and think they work really well on the posters. 

I experimented with a range of high contrasting colours in order to grab the attention of the passing audience. I think the colours I experimented with are interesting but in some cases a bit garish and sickly and offensive. Perhaps they need to be muted and toned down to convey a much more sophisticated tone of voice.

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