Sunday, 18 January 2015

OUGD405 - Brief 4 - Original Plan

Planning for Studio Brief 4

In order to manage my time on this brief I set out a rough plan for what I needed to get done for each day of the week commencing 12/1/15

Monday – make sure you have a number of initial ideas and concepts ready for the interim crit and use this session to get really useful feedback. Ask people what they are influenced by most in promotional materials for art galleries. The colour? Imagery? Type? Size? White space? Use the crit to generate further ideas, do sketches and start experimenting with ideas

Tuesday – Re-write the brief to solidify theme/concept and begin designing. Once you have written the brief you will be able to work quickly to produce a range of packaging for this brief

Wednesday - Organise an informal crit in the studio to help you get an idea of your progress. Continue designing and use the feedback to narrow down ideas and aid the design process. Begin to finalise ideas and begin to think about production. What stock do you want to print on? Do I need to book a print slot? If so book it today, or just attend a drop in session on Friday

Thursday – Finalise colour choices for the leaflets and posters and ask for feedback via informal crits to aid decision making process. Make sure files are saved as correct format ready for printing in the digital print resource. Prepare a two minute presentation for this body of work for the interim crit

Friday – Go to the drop in session and print off final designs for the leaflets and posters in the digital print resource using own stock and tracing paper, crop down and tidy up ready for module submission

I pretty much stuck to this rough time management plan, which greatly aided my design process. It meant I could work efficiently within the short window of time that we had for this brief. I think without it I would have put less effort into brief 4 and probably have spent more time doing the publication for brief 3. I am glad that the plan helped me produce a satisfactory body of work for brief 4. 

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