Monday, 12 January 2015

OUGD405 - Brief 4 - Interim Crit & Idea Development

Today we had a crit session for studio brief 4 which went really well. I got some constructive feedback and asked the group several questions which will benefit my design process. I discussed art exhibition promotion methods in particular looking at what makes a poster of flyer interesting or intriguing. I also asked the group if they could think of any other creative or exciting ways of promoting an exhibition in a gallery space.

I asked people: What grabs you about exhibition promotion? In particular posters & flyers

  • Colour and the amount of white space. If bright colours are used then obviously it instantly becomes a lot more eye catching and interesting. However if a lot of white space is used this often connotes style and sophistication. It really comes down to what the exhibition is about and what sort of work is included in the collection. Colour is important. Complementary colours work well. Monotone is also important, posters that are purely black and white make an equal impact and look incredible in the process
  • Imagery - if the imagery is unusual and quirky then I am more likely to become curious and get excited about what the exhibition will have to offer - I totally agree and I think image choice on posters/general promotion is very important
  • Type - Sans Serif fonts are associated with gallery promotional material. They go hand in hand. The crit group thought that a sans serif was very important in the composition of my posters. Bold and light type faces work well depending on the context and content so I will have to think about this further
  • If the design is 'good' then the exhibition is bound to be good, right? That's true to a certain extent but my posters aren't going to be overly slick or polished, this doesn't mean that exhibition will be poor or unprofessional its just a design decision to give the promotional material a certain feel

After doing some sketching and experimentation on the computer I re-wrote the brief to suit my specific direction that I am taking in this project. My tailored brief is below:

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