Thursday, 8 January 2015

OUGD405 - Brief 3 - Content Generation

35mm slides are vintage objects, some would even describe them as retro. I want my publication for brief 3 to reflect on the slides retro nature and inform and entertain the readers by being colourful, unusual and brilliant to read. 

In my room I had some really colourful and abstract professional marble paper laying around which I thought could be nice to experiment with and use for the content of my publication. I simple scanned the paper into Photoshop and began manipulating it. I changed the hue/saturation and the contrast levels as well as grain etc. I then introduced some type. Below are my experiments. 

I overlaid some words that I had gathered in my research for brief 2. I chose words of similar length and deliberately increased the size of the type and the weight and dragged it outside the margins of the layout. I wanted the layout to be quirky and not result conform to much of an underlying grid. I am really pleased with how these initial layouts have turned out as they incorporate Imagery with words gathered in my research. 

Below are a series of digi-collages that I created using photoshop. The collages are made with images found on 35mm slides in my collection. I'm really happy with the compositions and I think they will look really great incorporated in my publication. There are over 25 images in the collages. 

I then experimented with type and the digi-collages and the results were great.

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