Monday, 5 January 2015

OUGD405 - Brief 02 - Research Presentation & Feedback

Today we had to present the research we had done for studio brief two to a small critique group in the seminar room. The presentation went really well. My peers and tutor Simon said that my presentation was well assembled and presented. They said the research I had done was very thorough and concise and engaging. A few people said that they found my collection really exciting and interesting and wanted to know more about the slides. I had collected in excess of 20 pieces of information for each section which was beneficial as the research for this brief directly informs the next two studio briefs.

I got some really good feedback and also some really helpful suggestions for where I could take my ideas and research further. One idea I did have was to create stories and backgrounds for some of the people and scenes that appear within my vast collection of slides. The slides that I have are completely random, they range from the 1950's right up until the 1990's. There are so many different combinations of images that I could make.

I think it would be really fun to try and forge connections between the images, try and create characters and stories through the random combinations of slides. This would lead me to create brilliant work for studio brief 3 and 4.

What I also really like about the slides is their physicality as objects. One thing that people took away from my presentation of research was how much I like the sculptural physical qualities of the slides ass objects. With digital photography being everywhere nowadays, I sometimes feel we as a generation have lost touch photography. When an image is a physical object it is easier to relate to, to form a bond with and connect to that snapshot of time. When you see a photo on a screen there is a huge gap between you and the image, real distance and detachment. That's why I love the slides I have collected.

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