Monday, 2 March 2015

OUGD404 - Design Principles - Brief 02 - Self Written Brief

"What is a book" brief

Design and produce a pamphlet bound book, with a minimum of 10 double page spreads and  a minimum size of A5, you can design as many as you see fit as long as it is a minimum of 10, that examine the themes of alter-ego’s, identity and gender.

The ‘publication’ must demonstrate a definite awareness of editorial layout design; focusing particularly on layout of content, appropriate use of imagery and photography, typesetting, use of grids and columns, type decisions, colour and importantly the tone of voice of the book. The 10 layouts must include a contents page and introduction to the content.

Be aware and utilise the space and nature of the design for pamphlet stitched publications. There is a lot of potential and possibility to get really creative with the layout decisions in this brief. 

Look to magazines. zines, art books and biographies for inspiration and remember to make your design treatment appropriate to audience, themes, content and context of the content. Be content aware through your design treatment.


An concertina folded publication with a minimum of 10 double page spreads

Supporting research

Developmental work in the form of worksheets, sketches, mock ups and test prints

Design boards and blog entries

originally aimed to design a concertina folded book, but I am now certain that I want to stitch bind my book

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