Friday, 6 March 2015

OUGD406 - Studio Brief 03 - The Brief

The brief:

Working as part of a creative team put together a pitch for the concept, branding, identity and promotional collateral for the Book cover exhibition at Leeds Library.

Create an engaging, identity and promotional campaign for the Book cover Exhibition. What is unique about this exhibition? How can the content, location, exhibitors potentially inform your design treatment. Who is the target audience? What do they need to know? How will you engage with them?

Considerations you should be aware of and include are:

- Location
- Times
- Content
- Exhibitors
- Social media, links, hashtags etc
- Contact Details
- Format
- Signage, way-marking
- Opening night Invites


- Costings: be aware of reproduction costs to ensure you don't propose something unfeasable
- Production: collateral must be reproducible using the college resources.

Mandatory Requirements:

Documentation must include evidence of time-management, planning, dissemination, independent and collaborative practice
Organisation, planning and presentation for a 15 minute pitch of your ideas and concept
15 minute pitch/presentation of your proposal
Mock-ups of key pieces of print/digital collateral
Evidence and documentation of collaborative practice

Initial interpretation of the brief:

When I first read the brief I was instantly excited and looked forward to collaboration with others in my class. For brief four in the previous module, I did a range of promotional materials for an exhibition which I had made up. I designed everything myself and completely from scratch and if it wasn't for the time restrictions which were in place, I would have got completely carried away and could have produced way more work than I did in the week. I was passionate about that brief and I believe as a group we will benefit from my past experience of doing similar design work. 

Simon wants us to be ambitious with this brief and as we have longer we can push ideas a lot further and be much more experimental in our approach and design treatment. I want to utilize the skills we have learnt so far on the course and use a range of media's and approached to resolving this brief. One thing that I am initially nervous about is the pitching as I have little experience in pitching ideas but I am confident that as a group we will pull off a great pitch. 

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