Monday, 23 March 2015

OUGD404 - Brief 02 - Content

For this brief, I didn’t simply want to re-design an existing publication. I wanted to generate and produce the content myself and make all of the decisions on layout, type and the overall feel and aesthetic of the book. 

I arranged a photo-shoot session in the college and my course friends and friends from Leeds came along to help out. Each person was asked to prepare everything they would need to transform info their alter egos. This included make-up and any other accessories. For consistency I asked every to pose topless and to pose in certain positions. 

The lighting and the camera equipment in the college is of a professional standard meaning the portraits I ended up capturing are of a very high standard. I am really impressed with the final outcomes of the shoot and I have edited them consistently, converting them all the monochrome. 

The text based content will be part self generated and part found through research on the Internet. I don't think I will have many problems when it comes to typesetting and layout out the text, it will be fun and challenging getting the layouts looking how I want them to. 

I experimented in Photoshop with layering various colours over the black and white portraits. I quite like the effects seen here but they are a bit too punchy and in your face, I need the colour to be a bit more subtle. i have decided to have all of my portraits in monochrome and to print them all on tracing paper. The texture and general aesthetic of tracing paper is something I really enjoy and the portraits will look great printed on them. It will also allow my typographic content to be seen through the peoples faces which will add an element of intrigue and excitement to the overall reading experience of my book. 

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