Monday, 2 March 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 02 - Experiments with Opacity & Colour

In the final crit I received a lot of feedback saying that the colour of the fish that swims in the opposite direction would look more effective if it was printed in a subtle colour which is less bold and in your face. People suggested printing in an ink which is much lower in opacity, perhaps a glossy ink or a metallic one. I agree with this feedback so I mocked up a few designs using Photoshop to demonstrate how they may look if printed in special inks instead of flat colours. They said to make the composition more harmonious and balanced, make the name of the author Paul Arden the same coloured ink as the fish swimming in the opposite direction. Again I agree with this feedback and am pleased with the constructive feedback I received in the crit. 

I would also look into printing on some really nice black or grey stock instead of white to see what effects that would achieve. 

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