Saturday, 21 March 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 03 - Interim Crit and Presentation Feedback

The interim crit went well today, in terms of presenting and getting our ideas across. However, we were told that a lot of improvement is needed if we are to stand a chance in winning the pitch. Simon and the second years said that our collateral felt disconnected and lacked consistency which is something I knew before evening going into the presentation. It wasn't upsetting in any way to hear this information if anything it was motivational. So, we came away from the presentation knowing that we needed to work on making the collateral designs more consistent and link together. Simon said that our concept was great and original and we needed to be more mysterious. Creative's don't need to be spoon fed, they can piece information together. We need to be more subtle and slick and give our branding a definitive, bold identity. 

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