Sunday, 8 March 2015

OUGD402 - Design Principles - Brief 02 - Planning

I sent out a group message to recruit people to model for me for my 'What is a Book' brief. The message was as follows:

"Hi guys,

As some of you know I am doing at project at college in which I have to make a book. The theme of by book is all about altering appearances/identity with particular focus on alter egos and drag persona's. I need to get a group together who would be willing to model for photographs that I can use as the main content of my book. I will need to take one picture of you each as you are, to show your ‘original’ identity. I will then ask you to change your identity through make-up or any other method of modification to represent a changed personality/alter ego, and then photography you again. So to put it simply, the boys could dress up as girls and the girls as boys, or you can do whatever you want but it must change your identity in quite a drastic way. The photography is going to focus entirely on your face from about your chest upwards, so don’t worry about what you to wear as I won’t be focussing on this. I'm looking for plenty of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent here! 

I need to get an idea of how many people are up for the photography, because I would ideally want to shoot everyone’s portraits in one session or maybe two depending on numbers. The shoot will take place at one of Leeds College of Art’s photography studios. I need to know what times and dates are best for everyone so I can book the studio for an afternoon for us. I need to book the session within the next two weeks so let me know ASAP please J

I will try and provide some basic make-up for the shoot but I am very poor at the moment so it won’t be much. Try and bring along as much make-up as you can so you look good on camera!

Cheers guys"

I am planning to book the photography studio for Thursday the 19th and 20th of March to get all the photos done and generate the main body of content for this brief. 

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