Wednesday, 25 March 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 03 - Trip to Hepworth Wakefield Gallery - Research

We went on a class visit to Wakefield to see the newly updated Hepworth Gallery. The gallery was great, it was absolutely packed with contemporary art which I find brilliantly inspiring. We went on and  visited several art and design galleries in and around Leeds, to try and gain a wider knowledge of how to successfully brand and curate out own exhibition. After we had visited the Hepworth, we went back to Leeds to see the White Cloth Gallery and the Tetley to name a few. We all found this really interesting and useful, as seeing current exhibition in both modern, and some older buildings, gave us a better idea of how we could go about successfully curating our own exhibition, without any confusion as to what we need to produce.

We were also paying very close attention to the way finding within the gallery spaces and the branding for the exhibitions that were on.It gave us some good inspiration and it was great to actually go out and do some useful primary research to see how our designs could potentially function in context. 

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