Friday, 13 March 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 03 - Planning

At the beginning of the week, we arranged to meet everyday so that we could split the work load easily between the group, keep track of progress and make sure everything we produce had a similar look and feel and general consistency to it. We wanted our collateral to be slick and professional as well as representational of the students exhibiting.

We devised a list of collateral pieces of work that we wanted to include in our branding and promotion. I think the things we decided to design as a group are easily achievable in the time frame that we have for this brief. We aim to produce:

  • Leaflets and interactive information leaflet packs
  • A strong name and logo for the exhibition that underpins the concept and overall aesthetic of our collateral
  • A range of poster designs and a final set of five posters that compliment each other
  • Mock up of banners that would appear on the outside of the gallery and inside the building
  • Stretched banners that could appear on buses or anywhere suitable within the urban environment of Leeds
  • Way-finding signage for outside and inside the gallery space
  • Vinyl stickers that act as way-finding and decorative for the glass doors leading to the exhibition space
  • A small zine that acts as a step by step guide for people who don't know very much about the screen printing process
  • Opening night invitations
  • Unique name cards for each designer taking part 
  • Letter heads/email templates
  • A mock up of a Twitter feed
  • Postcards showcasing the event and giving times, location, dates etc.
  • Screen printed cotton bags with our designs on them
  • An animation to be displayed on screens around the library and the gallery

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