Friday, 20 March 2015

OUGD406 - One Day Brief - The Hungry Sandwich Club

Today the founders of The Hungry Sandwich Club gave us a presentation about their progression since graduating from this course at Leeds College of Art. The presentation was informative and inspirational. It gave us a good insight into the importance of determination, networking and exploring what is available locally in Leeds. They stressed that making a name for yourself is never easy, but if you begin doing it in university then you will have plenty of links and networks to build on after graduation. They also stressed that London is not everything and that there is of course a strong creative scene in the North. 

We were then introduced to a one day brief, in which we were asked to design a map for the Leeds Indie Food Fest, depicting a trail to take from restaurant to restaurant across North East Leeds. We decided very quickly that we wanted our map to be geographically accurate and true to the actual cycle route. We also decided upon three key design treatments as a group: they were, using Gill Sans Light throughout the design, using black white silver and orange, and using numbers to represent the various stops on the route. We worked well and produced some great work as a group and I feel the one day brief was a good opportunity to further develop my group working skills within graphic design.

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