Monday, 2 March 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 02 - Final Crit

Today we had the final crit for brief 2, book cover design. I presented a slide show to the group and got some really helpful and positive feedback. I mentioned to the group that I had been struggling to decide on which colour to use for the fish that is swimming the opposite direction, and whether or not to make it a vibrant obvious colour. I said that I was considering using a glossy colour or a subtle metallic ink. I don't want the fish that is swimming in the opposite direction to instantly stand out, I want people to discover it when they look deeper at the design. 

People said that it would work in a light glossy ink or in a metallic one. They also said that it would look great if I made Paul Arden's name the same colour as the fish to add balance and consistency to the design and I agree with this. I also presented the other designs that I have pushed forward for the brief and the group commented that they thought they were nice, but the fish concept answers the brief in a much more creative and interesting way compared to my other designs. Again I agree with this and I look forward to screen printing them and playing around with colours and choices of stock. 

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