Friday, 13 March 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 03 - Exhibition Poster Design Research

I did further design specific research into poster design, something I am very interested in. I came across a number of great posters on line which really inspired me to push my designs further. What I tended to see was simplicity in colour, image and pattern. These posters to me are successful because they are simple yet visually pleasing and they communicate the essential information effectively to me. I must learn from them and apply the knowledge I have gathered through research to my designs.

✖ rejane dal bello - typo/graphic posters

Moustache - Milan Design week 2014 - Les Graphiquants

Rosmarie Tissi — Swiss Posters of the Year, exhibition poster (1996)

Martens_OASE 67 2005 by David Cabianca, via Flickr

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