Saturday, 6 February 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Monotype - Poster Aesthetic Development

I established early on that I wanted my campaign to feature exciting mixed typography, all inspired by 1970's and 80's badges which were used to communicate poignant cultural, social and political messages. This is the fundamental conceptual element which will be prominent across the campaign's aesthetic. I took direct inspiration from Anthony Burrill, one of my favourite contemporary graphic designers. His poster design often incorporates wonderful examples of mixed letterpress typography. In an ideal world, I would definitely be inclined to produce my campaign using analogue techniques such as letterpress and woodblock, but I am pretty rushed for time and I want to create a clean, fresh aesthetic using Adobe Illustrator. I used a range of fonts which I downloaded for free from the internet, which I made were web safe as well as being appropriate for printing. Below are a number of experimental designs I generated over a period of a few days:

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