Saturday, 27 February 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Secret 7 - Scans & Experimentation

I moved as quickly as possible with this brief, because I have a lot of other work on at the same time and need to spread my attention evenly across the briefs. I was content with the idea of exploring microscopic imagery to represent this song, so I flicked through a great book I own which contains some really fascinating imagery. Once I had selected a range of different images, I scanned them and began digitally manipulating them using Photoshop. Below are a number of images I decided to experiment with. All of them represent a different part of the human body.

I then began manipulating them digitally, creating collages using the lasso and marque tools in Photoshop. I enjoyed placing very different, contrasting images together, creating patchwork collages of the different microscopic worlds. I really like these experiments, and they all could be entries in their own right. But I felt that they needed to be pushed further, so I continued experimenting in Photoshop looking at the blending tools to see if that would add an extra element of psychedelia and abstraction. 

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