Wednesday, 24 February 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 02 - Colour Guidelines & Experimentation

The brief was very short and open. It was asking us to design packaging for new products, but they didn't give us any information about what the products would be like other than the fact that they will be fish, filled with sauce coated in a crispy coating of some description. We took it upon ourselves to make up some new products as we thought this would make designing the packaging a whole lot easier. It didn't take us long to come up with three tasty sounding products, thanks to internet based research and collective knowledge about ingredients and complimenting flavours. 

We finalised the recipes for the products and then turned our attention to colour. We had the idea to take colour inspiration from the fish themselves and the ingredients found in the saucy fillings to use throughout the various structural packaging resolutions. We decided to keep the colour to a minimum on the packaging, settling on three colours plus stock. This way the packagaing won't be too visually overwhelming and will retain a sense of premium quality.
  • Crispy Thai Cod w/ Herb & Lemongrass butter sauce – orange, yellows, green, white
  • Crispy Sea bream w/ Tomato and Coriander filling  - reds, white
  • Crispy Salmon filled with Feta, Spinach & Ricotta – pinks, creams, greens
Below are a range of colour wheels that contain colours we think would suit the packaging.. We used Adobe Kuler to seek out interesting contrasting and complementary colours. We are going to select a range to use on the various packagings. 

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