Wednesday, 24 February 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 02 - Material Research

This brief is asking us to be environmentally aware and sustainable. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging, we would ideally need to use recycled plastic that would either bio-degrade or could be recycled. Cardboard is recyclable, so that wouldn't be too much of an issue. We would need to use inks that have little environmental impact as well. 

We established in the first group session that plastic would be the best option to hold and protect the product. The brief is also asking us to create packaging that can be transferred into the oven easily, so as the consumer doesn't actually need to touch the fish. It's all about efficiency and functionality. As far as I am aware, there are plastics out there that are strong, durable, oven safe and recyclable. We aim to use these materials, or materials of a similar nature. 

Amy did some research into sustainable materials. She discovered that  there are plastics made from plants (PSM and sugar bagasse) which are also heat resistant. These plastics answer the problems of the brief perfectly. Ideally we are looking for a material that you can put straight into the oven which can also be recycled, leaving a minimal eco footprint. There is limited information regarding the actual carbon footprint associated with these plastics, however they are already far more environmentally friendly when compared to oil based materials, as they naturally decompose. 
This research was sourced from the London biopackaging website which is a reliable source. 

We would also look to use recycled card and plastic film made from plant starch to compliment the recycled plastic tray. Soy based inks would also be a wonderful solutions to this brief. Soy ink is a kind of ink made from soy beans. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based inksoy-based ink is more environmentally friendly, might provide more accurate colours, and makes it easier to recycle paper, all of these factors would make our packaging sustainable and environmentally considerate. 

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