Tuesday, 23 February 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Secret 7 - Inspiration For Dream 3

Daehyun Kim Illustrations: This series of drawings entitled 'Moonassi' have influenced and inspired my design treatment for this album cover design. I have admired this illustrator for some time now, and there are several things that I really like about this illustrators style, mostly the incredible attention to detail, beautiful use of line and form and the monochromatic colour schemes. When I look at these drawings, they remind me greatly of sleep, dream states and calm places, which is also what the track reminds me of. Occasionally, his illustrations take a darker tone, which is what tends to happen in dreams. These artworks have inspired me to produce a minimalistic design for this track which takes inspiration from the symbolism, line and form and colour aesthetic. 

Martin Wollertam Illustrations: This artist does a lot of work for Fabric in London, one of my favourite nightclubs. His illustrations are psychedelic, abstract and also remind me of dream like states. When you are clubbing you can often experience feelings of euphoria, confused, enlightenment and so on, all feelings that can be associated with dreaming. I really like the way he de-constructs the human form and enlarges certain parts of the body such as the face. His thick, confident lines contrast well to the illustrations of Daehyun, this inspires me a lot. I also appreciate the fact that he usually tends to work in monochrome. 

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