Wednesday, 24 February 2016

OUGD503- Brief 02 - Mark Making Experiments

After establishing a packaging solution, we thought it would be an interesting task to take some rubbing's of interesting surfaces in order to represent the crispiness of the fish products. These new products are going to be coated in crispy bread crumbs, nuts and seeds, so we thought that finding textures in our surrounding environment which emulate the hypothetical textures of the fish would be interesting. We aim to apply the textures somehow, incorporating them into the overall packaging design to make it intriguing to the eye. 

We explored the college campus to collect the marks, it was a successful use of time. We would easily be able to digitally manipulate the textures using Photoshop, they would make a great personalised brush which we could create nice patterns from. It adds an element of authenticity and creativity to the packaging, something I think a younger target audience would most likely appreciate

<insert images of rubbings/textures>

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