Wednesday, 24 February 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 02 - Packaging Experimentation

In our third group meeting we experimented with pre-made packaging nets found in a useful source book in the LCA library. We printed our the nets on plain printing paper and got to work cutting and scoring them, folding and then sealing with glue. The process was very useful as it gave us an idea of what sort of structural, functional packaging would work best for this brief. We deliberately chose nets that we thought would be pretty straightforward to construct yet still looked interesting and unique. 

We discovered through folding and cutting that the nets were actually pretty difficult to construct. The folds were complicated and very fiddly. Some of the nets produced boxes which looked strange from the side, and would probably pose a stacking issue on the refrigerator shelves in the supermarkets. The most functional packaging is usually rectangular in nature, lightweight and not too big. These types of packaging stack effortlessly. Regardless, this experimentation was relevant and worthwhile, it gave us insight and doing it by hand was useful primary research. We came to the conclusion that none of the nets we experimented with would be suitable for this brief, so we continued researching and generating ideas. 

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