Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Responsive - Brief 02 - Decoding the Brief

I have read the brief several times now because it is so open, I needed to really unpick and decode the brief to understand exactly what it is they are asking us to produce, and what they aren't. My collaborative group all agreed that it would be interesting and beneficial to think about what else we could produce aside from the packaging. Producing collateral for this brief could give us an extra competitive edge in terms of the competition.

We decided it would be useful to produce a small booklet explaining the new products to the consumer. This booklet would contain serving suggestions, information about the nutritional content and the health benefits of eating fish and do on. The booklet would appear on a POS (point of sale) stand in the store, that would ideally be placed next to the chilled fish counter. We also thought it would be a good idea to produce fridge magnets to add an aspect of novelty to the launch of the brand new products.

Point of Sale displays could give the new products an eye catching edge and appeal to a younger target market. We would make it bold, fresh and exciting in order to attract a wider range of customers. This is the main problem being asked in the brief.

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